Naturally Flavored Glazes

NEW - Naturally Flavored Glazes

Mantrose introduces our naturally flavored glazes, currently available in mint or orange flavor.

Through decades of excellence, Mantrose-Haeuser confectionary glazes have earned their place amongst the confectioner’s most trusted ingredients.  Our glazes create a striking and glossy protective finish through automated or conventional panning methods.  Now there is the added benefit of increasing efficiency by adding flavor, along with a high gloss shine.  Eliminate the hassle of requiring separate melting pots or syrup containers for different flavors!

Flavored glazes can be used on:

• Chocolate                                                      

• Hard Sugar Shell

• Soft sugar shell

• Sprinkles

• Sugar crystals


• Cost effective, combines two processes for convenience

• Expand panned product portfolio

• Gluten-free

• GMO-free

• Kosher certified

• Fast drying

• High gloss/shine

• Anti-scuff