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Confectionery Coatings

Enhance Your Confections with Superior Edible Coatings

Our glazes create an attractive, protective gloss finish for a variety of confections.  These odorless and tasteless finishing agents provide many benefits:

  • Brilliant gloss
  • Enhanced shelf-life
  • Scuff resistance
  • Adhesion and sealing for nut centers
  • Anti-sticking agents for jellies and gummies (starch, pectin or gelatin based)
  • Fat barriers
  • Moisture resistance
  • Anti-blocking for panned pieces

Product Lines:


  • 1 step polish
  • Powder polish
  • Organic formulations
  • Low VOC formulations
  • Non GMO
  • Halal

Naturally Flavored Confectionary Glazes

Certified® Confectioners Glazes

  • Certified organic formulations available


  • Organic formulations available


  • Aqueous polishes

Powder Wax 

  • Carnauba, Beeswax and Candelilla