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Industrial Solutions

The industrial division of Mantrose offers many different products that deliver benefits to a wide range of industries.

Lemon #1 flake shellac used to promote adhesion in packaging adhesives and film laminates where indirect or direct food contact is required.

Abrasive wheels - 120 mesh shellac is used for bonding the resin in the heat and pressure forming process of steel roll grinding wheels.

Aquasize water-based hat stiffeners for paper and straw hats.  Lemon #1 or bleached powder shellac is used for fur, felt, and wool hats.

Lemon #1 flake shellac is the resin used in basing cement adhesives for incandescent and fluorescent light blubs.

Bleached shellac and Lemon #1 flake is the resin of choice for primer/sealer and stain killing formulations.

Printing Inks
Certified R-49 refined powder shellac and Lemon #1 shellac, along with aqueous and solvent based shellac dispersions are used as the base resin/varnish in inkjet, UV curable, letterpress, and flexographic inks.

Wood Finishing
Crystalac dewaxed flake shellacs for furniture finishes.